Inner Struggle
Andres hurtado brainstorming

Brainstorming, I generally do this process before begin to work in the actual piece

Andres hurtado polygon brush

Here I was testing my polygonal brushes for the "Lowpoly" effect that I wanted for the image

Andres hurtado values

First block of values using a mix of the polygonal brushes and a soft brush

Andres hurtado colors

This is the coloring stage, I just blocked some initial colors to have the general mood.

Andres hurtado cc textures

Added some textures to make it more realistic. The overlay mode is fantastic to create more saturated parts to enhance the contrast between the colors.

Andres hurtado persons

According to the colors I painted the persons "personalities" fighting for the control of the mind.

Andres hurtado split copy

Final illustration with some color correction and post production effects to improve the look of the illustration.

Inner Struggle

The main idea is to show the struggle inside someone's mind between two very different personalities trying to take control. It is thought as an artistic point of view of how it would be the inner struggle for a person with a multiple personalities disorder. The actual person is more like a shell and the real threats are the ones inside his/her head.

More artwork
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